Are makeup primers worth the bother?

There has been a lot of debate over whether or not it is work spending money on a makeup primer.

This “face base” goes on under your foundation (and over your moisturizer) to create a smooth surface for your makeup to adhere to. It can fill in fine lines and pores and acts as a kind of makeup “glue” to hold things in place.

Primers can also be packed with ingredients to nourish, illuminate and hydrate the skin, as well as providing sun protection. Some primers are tinted to give your skin a golden glow or are tinted to address a specific skin issue, such as green to counter the redness of rosacea or acne, or purple to counter sallow skin.

It seems that almost every makeup brand has there own primers on the market, so you will find no shortage of options at the makeup counters or drug store.

I have used and liked the primers by Smashbox, MAC and Arbonne. Other high rated primers include Laura Mercier, Clarins and Make Up Forever.

Do I use it every day? No.Sometimes there is barely enough time to get dressed and brush my teeth šŸ™‚

Does it smooth my skin and help my foundation last all day, even when I get hot and perspire? That is a definite yes!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!




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