Makeup Tip Of The Week…Battling Those Pesky Eye Bags

Do you deal with puffy bags under your eyes? Well I do, especially if I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Here is the best way I have found to diminish the appearance of eye bags-

1. Dab and blend a bit of creamy concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone into the SHADOW area created by the bag, NOT on top of the bag area itself.

2. Then blend a brightening concealer across the entire under eye area to give your eyes a little “wake me up.” I am currently using bareMineral’s Stroke of Light and I love it!!!

Also, remember that bags are a build up of fluid and toxins that have not drained. Cut back on caffeine, alcohol and salt, get plenty of sleep and take in lots of water. Sleeping with your head propped up with an extra pillow can promote drainage. A cold tea bag or a slice of cucumber can also be used to reduce puffiness.


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