Time to Look Sun-Kissed!

It’s that time of year to step outside and enjoy the sunshine! This is also when I pull out my bronzer to give my pale winter skin a bit of extra warmth.

My favorite has always been powder bronzer, which I apply with a fluffy brush to my temples, nose, top of my cheekbones, chin and chest.

Bronzers also come in cream and liquid formulas. Regardless of what type you use, remember that bronzer is NOT self-tanner. It is just meant to be applied where the sun would naturally hit your face and chest.

You can mix a small amount of a liquid bronzer into your daily moisturizer to give a subtle allover glow.

I have fair skin, so I use a beigy bronzer with a hint of pink. For medium skin tones look for a slightly darker brown with a hint of orange. Ladies with deeper skin can use a darker bronzer with red and blue undertones.

Also, have you ever done your makeup and then looked at yourself in natural light to find that your face is a shade (or two!) darker than your neck? Your trusty bronzer can save the day. A dusting over your neck and chest area is often all you need to balance the color between your face and neck.


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