Summer Ready!

Sunshine and 90 degree days have arrived! To keep up with the warmer weather I have  made some adjustments to my makeup routine to battle the heat and humidity-

1. I have switched from a moisturizing liquid foundation for winter to a more matte mineral powder foundation. Remember to choose one with SPF for added protection!

2. I have also adjusted my foundation color to a shade (or two) darker, to match with the light tan I have. You want your face, neck and chest to match!

3. To protect my skin, I use moisturizers with broad spectrum SPF on my face and body. Check out Jergen’s Natural Glow with SPF 20! You get soft, glowing, lightly tanned skin with sun protection too!


4. To help keep my makeup in place, (and not running down my face!) I use a primer under my foundation. Once my beauty routine is complete, I give my face a few spritzes of Urban Decay’s De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray.  Not only does is help seal your makeup, it also controls oil and shine!


Have a wonderful summer everyone!!!


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