Cream Eyeshadows- Easy and Beautiful!

Have you given cream eyeshadows a try? If not, now is the time to experiment with this gorgeous eye makeup option!

Cream shadows usually come in little individual pots. You can apply them using a synthetic brush or your finger, which is what I prefer.

Be sure to start with an eyeshadow primer, to give the makeup staying power and something to adhere to. Then apply a dusting of powder, to help absorb any excess oils from your eyelids. Again, this will help the cream shadow last longer.

I rub my pointer or middle finger into the shadow and apply full color to my lower eyelid, up to the crease. Then with the same finger, I blend the edges of the color in a circular motion, to make it look like the shadow fades away above the crease of my eye, rather than ending abruptly. I also extend the cream shadow at the outer corners, to make my eye area appear larger.

Try a softer color like mushroom or rose for daytime, and a striking gold or navy for evening. For a nighttime look, experiment with extending the shadow above your crease and down to the lower lash line, to create a bolder smoky eye effect.

Not all cream shadows are created equal. Some have much better staying power and remain crease-free for hours and hours. Here are great options to try- Tarte Amazonian Clay Cream Eyeshadow, Clinique Touch Tint and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow. But you can’t go wrong with my budget-friendly favorite- Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tatoo, which retails around $5-7.

cream 2

cream shadow


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