The Power of the Brow

When putting on your makeup, how much time do you spend on your eyebrows? Do you just pluck a few unruly hairs and move on to your mascara and lipstick?

I challenge you to take a bit more time with you eyebrows. As with the hair on your head, your brows frame for your face, giving balance to your eye makeup and lips. Defined and shaped brows will help you look confident and complete.

Ideally, the inner corner of your brows should be in line with the inner corner of the eye, and should be about 1 eye width apart. The highest point of the arch should peak at the outer edge of the iris, and then taper down from there, just beyond the outer corner of the eye.

An eyebrow brush, cosmetic scissors and tweezers are the tools you will need. Remember NOT to over pluck your brows, because as we age, they will become thinner and will not grow back as readily. Whenever possible use your scissors to brush up and then trim the hair to create the desired shape.

Brow gel or even a bit of hairspray applied to your brow brush can be used to set the hair and help it maintain its  shape.

Next time, filling in and defining your brows…Picture 1


One thought on “The Power of the Brow

  1. I love this! I have only discovered the “power of the brow” in the past year. Being a blonde, it’s made such a difference to my overall look to have neat, defined and filled-in eyebrows. And brow gel is a lifesaver!

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