A Little Cover-Up Work

I grew up with the false impression that once I was in my 20’s I would no longer have to deal with pimples and could throw all my concealer out. That couldn’t have been further from the truth!! Well into my 30’s now, I still have MANY mornings when I look in the mirror and see a shiny new blemish staring back at me.

So, for all you gals, teen through adult, here is how to do a little cover-up work to hide those pesky bumps:

1. Select a concealer stick or stick foundation that is an exact match to your skin color.

2. With a small concealer brush, dab a bit right on top of the spot.

3. Wipe it away from the surrounding area using your brush, so that the concealer is just right on top of the blemish and blends out and disappears so that you don’t see where the concealer begins and ends.

4. Using a soft, fluffy brush, dust a bit of loose powder on top of the spot to keep the concealer from wearing off. The powder should be in a skin tone appropriate shade (usually light, medium or dark) depending on your coloring.

5. Proceed with your tinted moisturizer or foundation as needed, being careful as you work around the blemish area.

(If you are looking for a new blemish concealer, here are 2 to try- MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer and Make Up For Ever’s Camouflage Cream.)

MAC-Concealer_Final MUFE Camo Cream


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