A Little Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring!! Each year around this time I get the itch to clean my house, closets and drawers more thoroughly. For some reason I feel the need to make a fresh start, and cleaning and getting rid of unused items gives me a sense of peace.

As you are sprucing up and clearing out your home, take the time to look at your makeup drawer too! Get rid of old and broken items, and colors that you bought on a whim but no longer look right. Check out this post from last spring to make sure you are throwing out old products at the appropriate time-  https://mymbc.mbc.edu/ICS/GTE/

Ideally, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes and throwing out disposable sponges on a weekly basis. At the very minimum make sure you are doing so AT LEAST once a month. One cleansing option is to mix a small amount of mild soap or shampoo (baby shampoo works great) in a bowl with warm water. Dip your brushes into the solution and lather the bristles well before rinsing. I then lay my brushes on a towel to air dry, letting the bristles hang off the edge of the counter. Do not submerge your brushes in water, as it can damage where the bristles/hair are glued to the base!

There are also some great spray brush cleaners that make daily cleansing super easy. Simply spray the bristles and wipe the brush on a clean cloth. This will remove excess product from your brushes. Some of the spray cleaners also contain alcohol, which will disinfect your brushes as well.



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