Get Creative!

Hope you are all having an amazing start to the year! Instead of a post about makeup and beauty tips, I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to get creative in 2015!! What do you love doing? What have you always wanted to try? What have you had to put aside because of family and work responsibilities?

I was recently able to collaborate with some amazing women on a styled shoot. We came together to have a fun day, let our creative juices flow, and get a little dancing in, too! I left feeling totally exhilarated and bubbling over with fulfillment.

We ended up creating some really beautiful images. Below are a few of my favorites, shot by the uber-talented Sarah Peyton.

Here is your challenge- Find what gets YOU excited to create and make it happen!!! Do it for your yourself. You are worth it!

(Special thank you to Sarah Peyton Photography, Top Knot Studio, Lynne Goldman Elements, and our stunning models and dear friends, Rachel and Katherine.)


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